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Aboud breed

 Breed history | Breed Standard 



The Bernese Mountain Dog is perfect for the family as it very much loves children. It is close to the Man, devoted and enormously attached to its Master. The one in need of pleasing him at all costs. For him it is ready to bear every inconvenience. It is not of the defence breed but perfectly works a guard due to good development of territorial instinct. Very vigilant, yet not much noisy it is distrustful towards intruders, but not overly aggressive. In case of its master’s exposition to danger it can attack for immobilizing only – the very trait proving the breed’s emotional balance.      

The Bernese Mountain Dog   is affectionate,  caring and unusually patient with children. It bravely bears caressing of  small hands. For the right growing it needs very close emotional  bonds with its carer and cannot be isolated from the family.

The Bernese Mountain Dog   is intelligent and learns easily. But it needs inconventional training  for it is bored very quickly. The training should start early and be varied as the dog hates monotony.  

It is used for guarding, tracking and trailing and  can work at dogotherapy.  


            The Bernese Mountain Dog is very active. It can live in both a block of flats and end-terrace house but it needs long weekend walks. If left on its own devices it is  ordinarily unhappy. It should  not  be kept  by the overworked. It likes learning, being useful and involved in the family life.


 The Bernese Mountain Dog and other ones of large breeds alike do not have high life expectancy.  They are easily susceptible to a few  ailments:

  • displasia of the hip- typical of heavy breeds.
  • entropion and eversion of of the eye-lid.    
  • intestinal torsion–it happens when fed once a day.                                                               
  •  (the dog of such weight should be   fed twice.)
  • neoplastic illnesses.

 Because the Bernese Dog does not belong to the healthiest ones it is of  extreme importance to buy only a  pedigree puppy  from a good farm.

Only a pedigree dog  born to healthy parents with medical checkup stands a chance of living the healthy life.  When purchasing  from a  pseudo-farm  not only do you support such an illegal and criminal action but also potentially doom yourself and your pet to the hard time at the veterinarian’s and long doggie’s illness becoming more and more  burdensome to everyone in the close surroundings.



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