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About Us

Welcome to the site of the kennel ‘ Warm Refuge’,  FCI


 ... actually ‘kennel’ is unnecessarily the right description. Bernese Mountain Dogs are my passion , but from the start...


My name is Klaudia Ksepko and I am a medical student. Animals have always been home. Yet my adventure with Bernese Dogs started in February 2008. Upon leaving the urban areas my housing conditions allowed me to buy a female of that breed.


Nymph arrived from the Polish seaside’s  kennel ‘ Szumiąca Knieja’. Its parents are Ch. Pl BORA – Szumiąca Knieja and Intl. Junior Champion PL; Ch. PL;RUS; B&H; LT EQUO van’t Beertjes Hof. I sought neither an exhibit nor a kennel dog. . Nymph was to be a shaggie for petting,  loving and hugging. But she won the hearts of my family very quickly. She turned out to be good-natured, unusually devoted,  vigilant, joyful, ready to play 24 hours a day- and most importantly – exceedingly loving children . It is Nymph that implanted in us love to 3-colour shaggy dogs.

We came to think of the farm and deliberate influence on the breed development. We began our first exhibition conquests. In the meantime Nymph completed  PT  of 1st degree  and passed psychological tests.


Then we started seeking another female. In Aug 2009 La Rochelle – bit of Hope  arrived home, a daughter of beautiful Ch. Pl. OTI – Land of Retrievers and  and Intl. Junior Ch PL; Ch. PL;RUS; B&H; LT EQUO van’t Beertjes Hof.


On 18 Sep 2009 we entered into register  the nickname ‘ Warm Refuge’ at the Board of Kennel Club, Poland ( ref# 3899/e), whereas at the International Kennel Club (FCI)  the farm’s ref# is 896/09.


In February 2010 we  observed final formalities and Nymph- Szumiąca Knieja was promoted to the rank of a kennel female.


In May 2010 joined us charming Delight (Dily)- Majowy Skarbiec .


First of all I wish to thank Ms Halina from the kennel ‘Szumiąca Knieja’. It is  a  wonderful person from the unusual kennel.  Also,  I am most  grateful to Borca who gave us this lovely female. I would like the dogs leaving my farm not only to be  of beautiful exterior but also the healthiest. I am aware how important for further breed’s development  genetic disorder reduction is. Therefore, I hope that the knowledge  acquired  in the field of genetics and broadened in the study  and work years  to come will be of help.




Projekt MaWi A.I. 2010